Plant Watering Funnel - Keeps Plants Hydrated & Healthy

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“I'm so happy to have this plant watering system! My flowers look amazing and healthy! This funnel is very easy to use.”
—Della T., Nueby customer

Going on vacation is always fun, but you don't want to leave your precious plants at home without adequate water. You also don't want to entrust your plant friends with a neighbor because an inexperienced plant caretaker just might over water your greenery.

Good News!

Our device is specially designed to water plants with just the right amount of liquid via a convenient control valve mechanism. This valve controls the drip speed of the water from 0 to 60 drips per minute.

Depending on the speed you choose, you may not have to refill the bottle for up to 15 days!

“What a wonderful device! So simple to use! I can't believe that i can keep my plants watered with a pop bottle and this tool! Such a great invention. I've purchased several of them.”
—Greta B., Nueby customer

Convenient: Simply drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle or cut the end of the bottle off to keep the air flowing. Easy!

Compatible: Suitable for all brands of plastic soda bottles

Earth-Friendly: Durable ABS plastic can be used for up to 30 years and recycled

How To Use:
1. Insert the valve controller into the plant waterer
2. Drill some holes in the bottom of a suitable bottle or cut the end of the bottle off
3. Add some water to the bottle and place into the waterer spike
4. Flip the bottle over and insert the watering spike into the soil
5. Adjust the valve until the desired flow of water is reached
6. You can also add water-soluble fertilizer to the water storage container if desired

Size: 13x3 cm/5. 1*1.1-inches
Bottle Size: 1. 1-inches
Maximum Water Capacity: 2 liters
Suitable For: Plant, flowers, vegetables and so on
550ml Water Supply Time About: 1~5 days 2000ml water supply time about: 7~15 days

— 12 X Plant Watering Spikes