Plant Root Growing Box (5pcs)

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“I grow in a small space on my back porch. Usually, I use the other container but decided to give these a try. I was impressed! They maintain moisture much better than the other containers. I am happy with these and am hoping to use them again next year.”
~ Mair M., Nueby customer

Are you looking for an easier way to start propagating your plants? Make propagating your plants easier and start replicating with the remarkable Plant Root Growing Box!

This amazing propagating technology not only makes replicating your plants easier but it also causes no damage to the parent plant!

It’s a unique and interesting way to replicate your plants!

Start doubling your plants in no time and grow roots straight from the branches with the amazing Plant Root Growing Box!

“I love these little things. I know it wouldn't be too hard for me to fashion my own air layer propagation thing with plastic wrap and/or plastic cups but using one of these is super easy. They're reusable and hold moisture in well. This is so great for air layering houseplants.”
~ Jodi R., Nueby customer

Wide application: It is effective on both indoor and outdoor plants such as roses, climbers, trees, fruit bushes, and fruit trees, as well as plants that are difficult to root.
Effective: Because it only uses a little branch from the plant being cloned, it causes little to no disruption and does not interfere with the plant's natural growth.
Perfect for grafting: A technique for superimposing air that entails growing roots directly on the branches in order to duplicate existing plants and develop new ones.
Automatic buckle: Easy and quick disassembly.

How To Use:
1. Wound the stem of the plant.
2. Attach the Plant Root Growing Box on the wound.
3. Check for roots after days.

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Size: 5cm/8cm/12cm
✓ Dimensions: 120mm
✓ Type: Seedling box

— 5 X Plant Root Growing Box