Personal Safety Alarm

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“This is a very compact, handy, and useful product. Made a great gift for family members. THEY ARE LOUD! I love giving my family Security things every chance I can.”
~ Harmony T., Nueby customer

We designed a product that we hope you would never need.

Do you get an uneasy feeling? Trust your instincts. Activate your Personal Safety Alarm to create a distraction and draw everyone's attention to you.

To activate the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light, pull the top. When you're sure you're safe, re-insert the Top to turn off the alert.

It is easy to carry, so that others can pay attention to you when you need help urgently and encounter dangers.

“It is a must-have for self-defense at night, with powerful functions, perfect design, small and delicate, easy to carry, very good functionality, very satisfied, beyond my expectations, as it very much, it is worth buying!”
~ Sofija L., Nueby customer

Easy to Use: No more fumbling about with pepper spray or tasers. To activate the alarm, simply pull it. This alarm can be used by anybody, from small toddlers to grandparents.

Peace of Mind: We hope you never have to use her, but having your Personal Safety Alarm on your keychain will make you feel safer.

Non-Violent: Traditional self-defense tools necessitate fighting. The Personal Safety Alarm’s purpose is to repel attackers by creating a distraction and attracting the attention of everyone nearby.

Travel Safe: The Personal Safety Alarm, unlike pepper spray and tasers, may accompany you everywhere you go.

✓ Weight: 0.93 ounces
✓ Alarm Loudness: 130dB
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Power Supply: CR2032 battery

Package Includes:
— 1 x Personal Safety Alarm