Perfect Circle Shape Cutter

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“This is the best circle cutter I've ever used. It was so easy to use and cut a perfect circle every time. It cut my labor time down to a quarter of the time.”
~ Arya F., Nueby customer

This Perfect Circle Shape Cutter can help you cut circular forms with precision and ease out of a variety of crafting materials!

It comes with a rotary tool with two cutter heads and adjustable measurement channels for cutting a correct 360-degree angle.

This small but useful tool is lightweight, long-lasting, and simple to use. It has a blade shutter that allows you to safely cut the circles by flipping the lock into a safe position.

The blades are razor-sharp and capable of cutting both small and large circles. Perfect for all of your home improvement projects!

"I am very pleased with my order of the Perfect Circle Shape Cutter. The center is a smooth, soft pad that centers the cutter. This protects the paper while cutting. I do make sure to use this over a self-healing cutting mat. I like this cutter as it has saved me from purchasing multiple die-cutting plates and multiple punches.”
~ Leticia P., Nueby customer

Perfect Circle Cutter: Cutting large and tiny circular forms on any crafting material is simple and accurate with this rotary tool with cutter heads.

Wide Application: These are long-lasting and make fun skull ice cubes (2"x2.36") for your occasions. House parties, home bars, holiday activities, and Christmas gifts are all fantastic ideas.

Easy and Safe to Use: It has an adjustable blade glider and accurate measuring channels. Allows you to safely loosen and tighten the lock before cutting.

Sharp & Durable: High-quality materials and an ultra-sharp blade cut through crafting materials seamlessly.

Portable: Small and portable, it's easy to take and use anyplace.

Multipurpose: Simple paper cutter for arts and crafts, the office, the home, and the classroom.

✓ Material: ABS + Steel
✓ Cutting Diameter: 10.3 to 33.5 cm
✓ Size: 22 x 7 cm
✓ Color: Green or Orange (Random)

Package Includes:
— 1 x Perfect Circle Shape Cutter
— 2 x Cutter Heads Replacement