Oral Jet Irrigator Water Dental Flosser

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“Awesome - mouth feels so clean afterwards and was very easy to install. Having teenage boys with braces and getting them to properly floss has been a problem - this little bad boy to the rescue. What is great about this is that there is no water storage tank, so no concerns about bacteria in the water tank. Also, no batteries to charge, and no devices hanging out on the sink. Only drawback is trying to prevent two teenage boys from using the device to squirt each other!”
—Mark N., Nueby customer

Just like you're bringing the dentist to the home!

Get a thorough teeth cleaning at home, just as you would at the dentist’s office, with this Oral Jet Irrigator Water Dental Flosser.

With adjustable water pressure and a 90° nozzle head, this water pick helps clean hard-to-reach places in the mouth, including behind the molars and in between the teeth and gums.

Whether used with or without toothpaste, the water pick flushes debris from the teeth and massages the gums, leading to a healthier smile.

This kit comes with six color-coded nozzles so the entire family can benefit from a deep clean. Three of the nozzles feature a single jet for precision cleaning, and three feature a triple jet to reach a wider surface area.

Safe and easy to use, the irrigation tool attaches to your bathroom faucet for use without batteries or electricity. Simply attach the handle to the faucet using one of the included adapters, click in your nozzle, and adjust the flow of water using the mode buttons with your thumb.

"My personal opinion, this is about the best thing that could've happened to oral irrigators. You simply attach it, turn on the faucet, set the pressure you are comfortable with and use it as long as you want. No filling of containers, no cleaning of containers, no electrical power required, ever. It is just so easy to use and does a very good job of cleaning (depending on the pressure you use), and you can also select the temperature of the rinse water.”
—Frank V., Nueby customer

Powerful, easy to use, and cleans teeth thoroughly

Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas: Using this 90° oral irrigation tool can lead to a cleaner, healthier smile thanks to its ability to reach places toothbrushes and floss cannot. Flush food debris from behind the molars and in between the teeth and gums quickly and easily with this water pick.

Triple Jet For A More Efficient Cleaning: Three of the included six nozzles feature a triple jet design, offering a wider surface area for a more efficient clean. With three jets instead of one, the water can get in between the teeth while also cleaning the surface of the tooth, gums, and tongue.

Safe And Easy To Use: The pick attaches easily to your bathroom faucet so it’s powered by the water itself, no batteries or electricity. This makes the tool safe and easy for children and adults alike, without the worry of electric shock or the need to recharge.

For The Whole Family: With six nozzles, each of a different color, your entire family can enjoy a deep tooth cleaning without cross-contamination. Each nozzle fits perfectly onto the shared handle, and everything sits in its storage box for an uncluttered bathroom sink.

Attaches to the faucet without the need for batteries or electricity
6 colorful nozzles for the whole family
3 nozzles feature a triple jet design for efficient cleaning
90° nozzle head helps clean hard-to-reach areas
360° rotating cap for more control
Adjustable water pressure
Works with toothpaste
Provides not only a single jet, but also triple jet system

Material: ABS+PC+Stainless Steel
Power Source: electric
Item Type: Oral Irrigator
Weight: 400g

— 3 X Multi-Jet Nozzles
— 3 X Single-Jet Nozzles
— 1 X ABS Faucet Adapter
— 2 X Metal Faucet Adapters
— 1 X Handle Set
— 1 X Storage Box
— 1 X User Manual