Multi-Soldering Helping Hand

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“Very helpful with wiring and boards. When I'm soldering I don't have a third hand, this gives me the freedom to solder without struggling. I really like the led light and magnifier. Only regret wasn’t buying earlier.”
—Ricky T., Nueby customer

Sometimes You Need More Than 2 Extra Hands

The Multi-Soldering Helping Hand is perfect for computer boards, jewelry makers, handicraft lovers, or DYI projects.

If you need an extra pair of hands (or three!) To help with the delicate, detailed work, then you will appreciate the Multi-Soldering Helping Hand.

It has six flexible arms that can be easily positioned to hold any object in any position.


"I can finally say that I'm over the moon and happy with my new helping hands set-up. It is very stable and holds the parts very well! The lamp really bright and can be charged via USB. Clear buying recommendation and 5 stars.”
—Gary L., Nueby customer

Perfect For Computer Boards, Jewelry Makers, Handicraft Lovers, Or Dyi Projects!

6 Flexible Arms: Each Arm comes with a large detachable swiveling alligator clip, 295mm Six flexible helping hands, Universal joint pipe, easily positioned where you want them and hold their position. Eliminates the frustration of traditional helping hands.

Non-Slip Heavy Sturdy Aluminum Base: Provides Excellent stability. The unit is not going to move while you are soldering.

360 Degrees Rotated Alligator Clips: The alligator clamps can be rotated 360 degrees then "locked" into place. A Magnifying Glass and USB Rechargeable Flashlight can help you to make a perfect job easier and fast!

Customized Alligator Clips: Silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance.

With six flexible arms, the soldering tool makes your job quicker and much easier
Flexible arms are equipped with alligator clips to hold projects in place
Precision cut and beautifully gold anodized base
Silicon clip tips for extreme heat resistance
Removable feet for a stable standalone operation
Integrates perfectly with vices and base mounts

Aluminum Alloy Base: 140mm x H11mm
Universal Joint Pipe Length: 340 mm (Alligator clips included)
Weight: 550g

— 1 X Multi-Soldering Helping Hand
— 1 X Aluminum Alloy Base
— 1 X Mini Spanner
— 6 X Universal Joint Pipes
— 6 X Alligator Clips
— 1 X Magnifying Glass
— 1 X USB Rechargeable Flashlight