Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket

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"This little bracket is great! I love how it keeps my phone stable so that i can easily view my GPS directions while I drive. Very practical!”
—Billie Holbuck, Nueby customer

Practical Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket

This Practical Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket is perfect for all phones and cars. It makes using your phone in the car so much easier!

Navigate without your phone falling off the dash! Make hands-free phone calls, and so much more!

"This mobile phone bracket is made with high-quality materials and is super sturdy. It doesn't matter what type of road I am driving down it hold my phone in place without jarring it around.”
—Dylan J., Nueby customer

360 free rotation for easy adjustments

Multiple-Angle Car Phone Mount: Designed with 360° Rotation and 90° Flip Folding. The mobile phone is horizontal/vertical freely rotating, flexible and adequate, which meets the requirements of different perspectives needs. Perfect for navigating, talking, and so much more!

Two-In-One Design: There is no magnet in this mobile phone car mount air vent, universal holder. Designed with two conversion modes for phone holder and car mount holders to make your life more convenient.

Durable: Made from high-quality zinc alloy, a gear, and a silicone serrated clip. The internal construction of the gear is designed with eighteen gear snaps, which guarantees the stability of the phone from any angle and protects from road vibrations and bumps. Unique silicone serrated clip design allows the bracket to be mounted on the car air vent for better GPS navigation.

Car Vent Cell Phone Holder: Adhesive attached to the phone prevents it from falling. Simple one-handed operation and easy to install on car vents in 10 just seconds!

Safer Driving: Handheld phone conversations and handheld GPS navigation is distracting and dangerous to the driver. Free your hands and make GPS and phone more convenient with our amazing Practical Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket!

Easy to install, no tools required.

Material: Zinc alloy.
Bracket Back Glue Material: 3M soft glue. Strong stickiness, can bear the weight of any type of mobile phone. Temperature resistant design.

— 1 X Practical Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket