Sleek Stylish Aluminum Mouse Pad

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“It's quite different from the traditional mouse mat I had for years. Everything goes well with this metal mouse pad. With polished aluminium bezelled edge, it looks sleek and stylish. The mouse pad grips onto my desk very well,leather undercover stabilized it to the desk. It doesn't move at all. I share the pad with my optical gaming mouse as well as apple magic 2 mouse for my Macbook and find that the pointer is accurate and smooth with both. Highly recommended ”
~ Joy C., Nueby customer

The metal mouse pad is just want your computer needs!

This amazing Sleek Stylish Aluminum Mouse Pad looks cool and works amazingly well.

You'll be surprised how nicely your mouse glides over the metal. The sleek and modern design looks great on any workspace and protects a desktop from scratches.

Made out of aluminum, the ultra-smooth surface of this mouse pad allows for precise mouse control and can withstand heavy use.

The ultra-thin sleek design is perfect for a modern office and is also a great choice for serious Gamers.

"This is a thing of beauty and an ideal present for those who like to have a stylish desk. I bought the silver model and the mirror bevelling looks striking against the matte finish of the pad. Make sure you use the little set of stickers provided- in the box there are non-slip stickers for the underside of the pad as well as protectors for the underside of the mouse. If you want a stylish trackpad this is it - you are going to love it!”
~ Linda T., Nueby customer

The most beautiful trackpad you have ever seen

Double Sided: The metal side is made of aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy and the PU leather side is carefully designed with tiny lines. You can use either side.

Smooth Movement: Micro stand blasting surface with quick and accurate control is perfect for gaming and work.

Noiseless Control: The oxidation blasting process makes the mouse pad virtually noiseless!

Compatibility: The aluminum metal PU mouse pad is designed to be compatible with all styles of mouse devices.

Elegant and minimalist silver color, Smooth and lean surface, ideal for precise work with your mouse
Rubber padding on the bottom absorbs vibration and prevents it from sliding on a slippery surface
The slick surface of this mouse pad allows for quick and accurate control of your ball, optical, or laser mouse
Smoothly glide a mouse across the surface without interruption or drag
Liquid stains on the surface can be washed away. After drying, the mat can continue to be used

Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 300*240*2mm / 11.81*9.44*0.08inch

— 1 X Aluminum Mouse Pad