MagWiper™- Amazing Double-sided Window Glass Cleaner

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"I've lived in my apartment for years and never cleaned the windows once. This window cleaning tool is awesome. Works really well and my windows never looked better like this before!"
~ Sol H., Nueby customer

>Problem cleaning the other side of your glass windows?

There is no other simple way to clean large exterior windows that are wider than an arm's length and on floors above ground level.

MagWiper™ allows you to clean both sides simultaneously while staying in the room.

The Amazing Double-sided Window Glass Cleaner will save you the trouble of dangerously bending outside of a window frame or saving you the trouble of using ladders to clean the outside of your windows, leaving them dry, streak-free, and gleaming!

"My windows which have never been cleaned for 6 years are now perfectly clean. I have never used anything like this but as long as you spray sufficient liquid cleaner on both sides of the windows it works. I really like it."
~ Anis F., Nueby customer

Unique Design: Double-sided design, strong magnetic, it is very safe and convenient.

Environmentally Friendly: High-quality ABS material, Natural Latex, NdFeB magnet.

Easy To Clean: Cleans the outside of your windows from inside your house/room.

Product Features:

Strong Adsorption Force: Effective for double glazed windows, 3-8mm (blue) and 15-24mm (red) thickness.

Application scope: Glass thickness should be less than 3-8mm (blue) and 15-24mm (red).

Powerful Internal Magnets: Its powerful internal magnets lock the two sides of the wizard together through the glass.

Material: ABS+Rubber+Sponge
Size: Approx: 15.5 X 13.5 X 7cm/6.1 X 5.31 X 2.76in

— 1 X MagWiper™- Amazing Double-sided Window Glass Cleaner