Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder

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“Very suitable for drilling ceramics and glass. It is also good to drill holes in thick metals, such as tool holders. Recently I am repairing my garden. This helps me a lot.”
~ Sawyer S., Nueby customer

Drill precisely without limiting your angle!

The Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder includes a swivel-mounted ball head that allows you to use a portable electric drill to install screws in hard-to-reach places where the drill chuck would be a burden.

It can pivot up to 20 degrees, allowing it to drive straight or inclined. It's ideal for cramming into tiny places and corners.

"Great product - sure makes drilling in the corner easier.”
~ Rafe C., Nueby customer

Pivoting Drill Bit: The locking collar allows for up to 20 degrees of flexing for straight or angled drive. Breakage is effectively avoided.
Reach Tight Spaces: Perfectly pivots to fit tight spaces and corners.
Magnetic Lock: Engineered with a powerful permanent neodymium magnet for fastener retention - lowers wobbling and decreases drops! To release the bit, simply move the sleeve forward.
Premium Material: Made of premium quality metal material making it sturdy and durable. Chrome vanadium steel forging, high hardness and high torque, surface plating, not easy to rust. 3.5 inches in the closed state.
Universal Fit: Designed for use in Impact Drivers and Wrenches. Extends all types of screwdriver bits, drills, batch heads, screwdriver heads, and so on.

✓ Shank Size: 1/4"
✓ Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
✓ Weight: 110g/3.88oz
✓ Length: 3.5in
✓ Maximum Angle: 20°
✓ Color: Silver/Black

Package Includes:
— 1 x Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder