Leg Splits Training Stretcher

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“Ordered this for my Grandson who is very active in Tae Kwon Do. He uses it daily, finds it very easy to use, and is getting a lot of progress from using it.”
—Jack E., Nueby customer

Improve Flexibility More Quickly!

The Leg Splits Training Stretcher is an amazing machine that will help you with your leg split training and help you to gain your flexibility within just a few weeks!

Our amazing Ballet Split Leg Extension Machine is designed to help gently extend muscles into a more useful state of flexibility.

The Ballet Leg Extension Machine is a simple yet effective splits and flexibility enhancing device that allows you to work on stretching your inner thighs and hamstrings and improve your splits to 180 degrees.

It’s constructed with three metal tubes that have 6-hole adjustments so you can slowly increase the tension on your legs and deepen your stretch. The two outer poles extend your legs while you adjust the middle pole with your hands to increase or decrease the tension.

It might even feel like an unfair advantage if you’re looking at these devices for sports use, but those who have made the leap never look back.

"What a great stretch this provides! Lots of room for adjustment. Quality material, simple yet effective design.”
—Rob L., Nueby customer

Perfect For Athletes, Ballet, And Much More!

Advance Design: Each pole has six holes that you adjust to find the perfect, comfortable stretching length level or increase it to get a deeper stretch. The length can be 22.1 - 40.6 inches. Suitable for children, adults. Moreover, senior persons can enhance the flexibility of the muscles inside and outside the thigh.

High Quality: The Ballet leg stretcher is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and longer life. Tubular steel structure with EVA foam grip for safety and comfort. Very strong and sturdy, able to withstand a great amount of pulling force.

Portable And Convenient: It's portable, lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It's also easy to store and can be easily hidden away after the exercise.

Ballet Leg Extension Machine is made of stainless steel, it's strong and sturdy, able to withstand a great amount of pulling force
Our Ballet Leg Extension Machine is assembled, portable, lightweight, easy to store, and saves storage space
Adjustable length (22" - 40") with 6-hole increments which allow spreading 180 degrees for supreme flexibility
Non-slip foam on the feet to prevent scratches. Our Ballet Leg Extension Machine is Safe, Comfortable and Reliable
Perfect stretching tool for athletes of all ages. Even elderly people can use it for fitness purpose
 The perfect addition to any dance studio or home gym

Material: Stainless Steel
Shortest Length: 55.5cm / 21.8"
Longest Length: 102.3cm / 40.27"

— 1 X Leg Splits Training Stretcher