LED Speedometer Display

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"I am very impressed how nice this LED Speedometer Display is. It is very easy to read the numbers and overall it seems to work great. Glad I came across this product!"
~ Herman P., Nueby customer

The LED Speedometer Display is perfect for keeping track of your speed.

Don't get pulled over due to speeding!

The device is easy to install and use. The suction-cup design won't leave marks on your dashboard.

Right now, the LED Speedometer Display is on sale!

"This LED Speedometer Display is very easy to read and sits in a better field of vision for easy digital reading while driving. Was pleasantly surprised, would heavily recommend. The bright green numbers are easily readable."
~ Eren C., Nueby customer

GPS Speedometer: Collecting real time speed from GPS satellites

Plug & Play: Powered through vehicle lighter outlet jack

Display MPH Or KM/h : Simple push button set up

Over-Speed Warning: 3-second alarm beep and display flash will warn driver 93 beeps for over speeding alert)

Universal: Compatible with all cars, trucks, bikes, & motorcycles

✓ Driving time and distance calculation and display
✓ Auto adjust brightness through sensor for day & night-time driving
✓ Alarm mute function


Screen Display Modes:
✓ Mode A: Single Display Mode - Only speed in full screen
✓ Slide the toggle switch up and hold to see the driving speed only, repeat to see full information display.
✓ Mode B: Multifunctional Display Mode - Speed, Single Driving Time, Single Driving Mileage, and Car Voltage.
✓ Slide the toggle switch down and hold to see the time display at the bottom right corner, repeat to see the altitude display.

✓ Output frequency : C80 hud Head Up Display
✓ Connection method : Wired
✓ OBD2 Display: Car speedometer
✓ Working Logic: Get speed from gps satellite
✓ Hud: Head up display
✓ Car Hud: Hud display car
✓ Carplay: Head up display car
✓ C60S: Stand Display
✓ Size: 105*59*16.5mm

— 1 X LED Speedometer Display