LED Rechargeable Dog Collar

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“I absolutely love this collar! I have an all-black pitbull and it makes nighttime potty so much better. I used to fear losing track of my dog in the dark, now I can see him outside from such a distance. I wondered at first if the collar light would bother him. He didn't seem to mind it all!”
~ Colin B., Nueby customer

The statistics are both frightening and accurate.

The dog was hit in almost every one of these accidents for a very basic and avoidable reason: drivers can't see the dog in the dark and only notice it after it's too late. At night, even light-colored pets might become an accident waiting to happen.

The remedy is easy and inexpensive: make yourself and your dog more visible to all vehicles at night. No matter how dark the surroundings are, motorists will be able to see you and your dog wearing our LED Rechargeable Collar.

If your dog goes out in the backyard one more time before bed, switching on their LED collar allows you to keep an eye on them at all times! No more stumbling about in the dark with your dog!

“I love this collar!! It's really bright and is made very well. Everywhere I go with my pup people want to know where I got it. He's quite the hit at the dark park when it starts getting dark out, perfect for nighttime walks and to be able to see where he is in the yard.”
~ Dougie S., Nueby customer

Save Your Dog’s Life: This collar will keep your dog visible, safe, and seen, which will save its life. This bright lighted LED collar ensures your dog's safety while also providing maximum visibility in all weather circumstances.

Highest Visibility: Our LED dog collars, unlike others, provide the best visibility and are built to last, ensuring that your dog is noticed in the dark far in advance, protecting him from vehicles and other unexpected risks while out walking at night.

Rechargeable Battery: The USB rechargeable battery (with cable) provides 5 hours of illumination after a single hour of charging. A charge that lasts for several treks. There is no need to replace batteries, and there are no additional charges.

6 Bright Colors & 6 Different Sizes: It's available in six different vivid and vibrant colors, as well as six different sizes, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit. With only one click, you may switch between steady mode, quick flashing, and slow flashing.

Weather-Proof: Don't worry if your dog is harsh with collars. LED Rechargeable Dog Collars are made to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The clip is easy to use, adjustable, and weather resistant.

Size Chart:

Size Width (cm) Neck Circumference(cm)
XS 2.0 cm 28-38cm
S 2.5 cm 34- 41cm
M 2.5cm 37-46cm
L 2.5cm 41-52cm
XL 2.5cm 42-56cm

✓ Material: Nylon/High quality Fiber
✓ Type: Dogs
✓ Pattern: Striped
✓ Height: 5.3"
✓ Function: Anti-lost/Avoid Car Accident

Package Includes:
— 1 X LED Rechargeable Dog Collar