Portable LED Blood Pressure Monitor

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“This Portable LED Blood Pressure Monitor has been a real help to me. I need to keep a close eye on my blood pressure and this has helped me do it.”
~ Jean T., Nueby customer

Accurate and affordable

Designed to be as simple and non-invasive as possible, this blood pressure monitor features an adjustable cuff that fits around your wrist and uses an electronic air release valve for quick compression.

The large LED display shows your results within seconds, displaying your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse. It also flashes a heart if an arrhythmia is detected.

Battery-powered, the monitor also features an automatic shut-off function when not in use for one minute, saving power. It’s portable so you can test your blood pressure at any time, anywhere.

“Perfect at-home item! I no longer have to go up to the health center to have my blood pressure checked. This thing works great!”
~ Roman G., Nueby customer

At-Home Blood Pressure Monitor: Check your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home with this medical device. The monitor easily fits around your wrist with an adjustable cuff. Simply relax for 5-10 minutes before the test, sit in a comfortable and upright position, place the monitor on the inner side of your wrist with the wrist in line with the heart, and check your results.

LED Screen: Designed for easy use, this blood pressure monitor features a large LED screen that displays your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse.

Fast and Accurate Results: View or hear your results within seconds of testing. This at-home blood pressure monitor is an effective and accurate alternative to testing at the doctor’s office, in-between visits.

Portable Design: Created for those who need to regularly check their blood pressure at home or on the go, this blood pressure monitor is designed to be lightweight and portable. Battery-powered, there are no cords or additional equipment required, so you can monitor your blood pressure anywhere.

Portable blood pressure monitor for use in between doctor’s visits
LED screen for easy use
Displays systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse
Flashes if an arrhythmia is detected
Adjustable wrist cuff
Displays or reads results within seconds

Display Mode: Liquid crystal display screen
Accuracy: ±3mmHg/±0.4kPa (blood pressure) ±5%(pulse rate)
2*AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

— 1 X Portable LED Blood Pressure Monitor
— 1 X User Manual