Pain-free Epilight™ Ipl Hair Remover

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"The product itself feels really good quality, the workmanship and quality are relatively high, and it does not hurt like a beauty salon, I like it very much.”
—Clay L., Nueby customer

Never touch a razor or hot wax to your delicate skin, AGAIN!

Say "buh bye" to costly IPL Clinic Treatments for good! Our laser hair removal system is far more affordable than shaving or waxing. You'll be amazed by the effective, clinically proven technology. The advanced double-safety mechanism keeps your skin from being harmed. Got a skin condition? Intuitive technology reacts accordingly.

Our device is virtually painless! No burns, cuts, or pluck pinches. Why wait any longer?! Order your EpiLight, RIGHT NOW! You do want silky-soft, flawless skin, right? The EpiLight IPL Hair Removal System has been crafted by professionals who have put it through advanced clinical testing.

This device is the ONLY solution for painlessly removing hair from the body and face. Do you want to remove hair without pain and astronomical costs while in the privacy of your own home? Of course you do! That's why you need the EpiLight Hair Removal System. Effectively remove unsightly hair and prevent it from growing back with laser technology. The device emits rapid light pulses that actually penetrate under the surface of the skin to target the root of the hair follicle, thus, inhibiting regrowth.


"I use this tool on my chest and back and it has really made a difference in my hair growth. I barely even notice any stubble!”
—Bill W., Nueby customer

Why EpiLight is Our Favorite Laser Hair Removal Device:

Safe - both men and women can use the laser, safely due to the advanced double-safety mechanism with built-in skin tone sensor. Our product uses fda approved technology!

Use On Your Most Delicate Areas - waxing, tweezing, and shaving sensitive skin can leave you feeling raw, sore, and covered in razor bumps. Our laser device is quick, pain-free, and gentle.

Cost Effective - are you tired of spending loads of money on razors, waxing, and visits to expensive hair removal clinics? Our product will save you money!

Long-term Results You Can See - in just 8 treatments, you'll begin to notice long-term results. Your hair will grow in less and less. No more time-consuming shaving, waxing, or tweezing!

Superior Advanced IPL Technology - rpl technology is clinically proven and takes ipl technology to the next level. How? The built-in sensors continuously react to your skin's unique needs with every pulse.

How Does It Work?

Using advanced laser technology that emits rapid light pulses, the EpiLight IPL Hair Remover is able to work under the surface of the skin by targeting the root. This prevents regrowth in just 8 easy treatments.

The first 5 treatments should be done 2 weeks apart. The next 3 treatments can be completed once every 4 weeks. After the 8th treatment, you may continue using the laser as needed.

Is the EpiLight™ IPL Hair Removal System right for me? Check to see if your skin tone matches areas 1-4 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. If it does, the IPL Laser Hair Remover is perfect for you.

How to use EpiLight™:
1. Make sure your skin is shaved, clean and dry, free from creams or make up.
2. Press the energy selection button, until you reach the desired energy level (IPL Laser Hair Remover allows you to choose from 3 energy levels).
3. Place IPL Laser Hair Remover treatment window on the desired body area with full contact to the skin.
4. Press the trigger button (you can hold it pressed for continuous pulsing). Always start with a preliminary test 48 hours before the first use.

Material: LASER+ABS
Size: 700K flash
Origin: CN(Origin)

— 1 X Pain-free Epilight™ Ipl Hair Remover