Inner Cleaning Pipe Brush Set (8 PCS)

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“The earned stars were EARNED. I recently moved into our house and the dryer started giving an airflow error. After using this lil guy, I understood why!”
~ Sara K., Nueby customer

This flexible brush allows you to clean your dryer vent easily!

Maintaining your dryer vent is important to reduce drying time. improve dryer performance and reduce the risk of fire caused by lint that builds up over time in the closed dryer transition duct and vent hood!

ThePipe Inner Brushhas 6 flexible poles that allow you to attach to any power drill and perform the cleaning effortlessly!

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"Clothes were taking longer to dry. My vent goes under the house and up inside a wall to the back of my dryer. In 10 minutes or less, I screwed this thing together, chucked it into my cordless drill, and cleaned out a big pile of lint. Drying time is back to normal and there's no more dryer lint leaking into my laundry room. Hooray!”
~ Michaela H., Nueby customer

Protects Against Fire: The Inner Cleaning Pipe Brush Set (8 PCS) helps keep your dryer hoses free and clear and reduces the incidence of fire

Extendable: Includes 8 durable rods that extend up to 189 inches

Efficient: Durable, flexible, and bends with ease. Just align the joints of the two poles and rotate them clockwise until they are tight. Can withstand more than 90 degrees of a curved pipeline!

Drill-powered: Attaches to any drill to clean out lint quickly and efficiently

✓ Type: Chimney Boiler Nylon Brush
✓ Material: ABS, Nylon
✓ Style: Hand
✓ Brush diameter: 10cm/3.9
✓ Scope of application: Domestic industrial chimney boiler dryer and other pipeline cleaning work

— 1 X Inner Cleaning Pipe Brush Set (8 PCS)