Dual Handle Hands-free Dog Leash - Walk Your Dog In Comfort!

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“Such a great idea! I like how I can change between wearing the leash around my waist and holding it in my hand.”
—Lawrence F., Nueby customer

This incredibly accommodating hands-free dog leash allows you to walk your pup without hassle!

It's perfect for dogs who tend to pull or make sudden stops because the hands-free design takes the pressure off your hands.

With 2 adjustable clamps, you can harness the leash to your waist and away you go! If you prefer to use your hands the leash is able to accommodate you.

Get ready for some amazing walks, runs, and jogs with your furry friend!

“This leash totally surpasses my expectations. I'm excited that my dog and I can have a more pleasant walking experience, now.”
—Norm G., Nueby customer

Control: Easily guide your dog without breaking stride! Leash is equipped with 2 strategically placed handles that allow you to control your dog on your terms without breaking stride.

Shock Absorbing: The dual spring design of the leash is meant to absorb shocks from jerks, lunges, and more! This reduces back strain and other discomforts while you walk.

Running Room: Because of the design of the leash, your dog can run in front or beside you with comfort and ease. You won't be stepping on your dog and they won't be stepping on you!

Hands-free Design: Safely & comfortably wear our leash around your waist and keep your hands free for other things like using your phone, taking a drink, and more!

Leash length: 6-8 ft
Waist Length: 70-120 cm
Feature: Reflective

— 1 X Dual Handle Hands-free Dog Leash