HandiMirror™ - Bicycle Handle Bar Mirror

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“I'm so happy to have this. I love the ability to angle it to get the best view for your riding position. It works really well!”
—Suzy H., Nueby customer

Easy and quick installation and removal

Cycling decreases stress and improves your overall health and happiness. But without a good rearview mirror, you often worry about what's behind you while making a quick turn. And if you're not careful, you could end up in a serious accident

Good news! We got your back with our HandiMirror™!

HandiMirror™ is a bicycle rearview mirror that is designed to avoid disastrous situations by eliminating blind spots which allows you to see what’s behind and in front of you simultaneously, without having to turn your head in each direction!

With an adjustable belt, HandiMirror™ can be quickly installed and removed from your bike. It's compatible with all mountain bike and road bike handlebars. The mirror rotates 360° so you can get the perfect view.

"Couldn't be happier with the product quality and function. Makes my rides MUCH safer...no need to turn my head around to see what's coming up on me :)”
—Aaron R., Nueby customer

Lightweight and fits anywhere on handlebars

The mirror can be adjusted in full angle, offering a better traffic view
Easy and quick installation or dismantlement
Multiple adjustment holes and suits most bikes
The shatterproof treatment makes the mirror not prone to break

Now enjoy the ride, cycle stress-free and with safety using your new HandiMirror™!

Material: ABS+Glass
Size: app.9cmx5.8cmx4.7cm/3.54''x2.28''x1.85''
Model Number: Bicycle Mirror

— 1 X HandiMirror