Geometric Pet Dog Ball

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“These balls are wonderful. We have a miniature poodle who loves playing fetch with these. She is also a chewer and these hold up very well. They are perfect in that they allow your dog to run around with the ball in their mouth & still breathe easily. Too date they had been fairly indestructible, even being left outside in all weather's.”
—Shawn A., Nueby customer

Boosts Your Dogs' Iq As They Work To Remove Treats Of Different Shapes And Sizes

Keep your dog engaged, entertained and mentally stimulated with the intelligent design of this geometric ball.

Made of durable yet lightweight rubber, this ball is stretchy, bouncy and hard to break – making it the ideal toy for catching, chasing, tugging and more.

The rubber material is natural and non-toxic so it’s safe for both you and your furry friend to play with.

The open design of this rubber ball means you can use it on its own, or stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats and toys for an extra challenge at playtime.

Help boost your pet’s IQ, develop problem-solving skills, and curb negative bored behaviour by letting them work to retrieve their reward from within the ball.

The hollow shape also means your pet can easily breathe while carrying this toy, and the seamless design helps keep it durable.

"Purchased this product for my new puppy and he loves the ball. The ball is made of robust, flexible rubber which has no damage and we have had this ball for approx 4 weeks and it is played with daily. It is easy to clean with a rinse under the tap and I'm sure it has a pleasant smell to it, not a horrid rubbery smell like some toys. All in all its a winner with my puppy.”
—Tammy L., Nueby customer

Develop Your Dog's Problem Solving Skills And Increase Mental Ability

Designed To Mentally Stimulate: If you have a dog that gets bored easily, needs to be mentally stimulated, should work on his confidence and IQ, or enjoys problem solving, this ball is a great tool. Its stuffable design means it can be used with treats and other toys of any size to upgrade playtime with a fun challenge.

Lightweight, Hollow Design: The open design of the toy means your dog can breathe easily while carrying it. It’s flexible, which makes it perfect for bouncing, throwing, tugging and more.

Natural And Non-Toxic: This dog toy is made of natural rubber that is non-toxic so it’s safe for both you and your pet to play with. The rubber is durable while remaining lightweight and stretchy, making for a fun and effortless playtime.

Benefits Of Play: Playing with your pet dog on a regular basis not only helps build his confidence and physical skills, but builds the relationship between dog and human. Whether this ball becomes a training tool, a toy to use together, or a toy to keep him busy on his own, it will be the perfect addition to a fun and positive day.

Stuffable with treats and toys of any size
Hollow design allows dog to breathe while holding
Lightweight and stretchy construction
Natural, non-toxic rubber material
Seamless for durability
Great for any type of play

Material: Rubber
Size: 14 cm Diameter

— 1 X Geometric Pet Dog Ball