GardenClaw™- Garden Gloves with Claw Design

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“Great for digging. Love these gloves. Bought several pairs as gifts.”
—Paul S., Nueby customer

Dig Your Way Out Of A Tough Gardening Situation!

Using ordinary garden gloves will result in broken fingernails and sore fingertips, and will not shield your hands from sharp, thorny greenery.

Get ready for the gardening season with the GardenClaw™!

The Garden Gloves with Claw Design combines the effectiveness of a tool with the comfort of a glove, protecting your fingers while giving you added reach and leverage. The "claw" part is made of tough plastic, durable enough for digging, raking, planting.



"Sturdy and comfortable gloves. They made removing stubborn weeds much easier. I love that one has the claws and the other is normal, you can do anything without switching tools all the time. I can't wait till spring, they will make planting go much faster. I like the look of my gardens but I hat the time and work that goes into them, this is the perfect product to get my gardens looking good faster and easier!
—Megan V., Nueby customer

Convenient, Comfortable And Time-saving Design!

Durable And Practical: The garden genie gloves are made of natural rubber, comfortable and sensitive touching for your fingers in doing garden work.

Convenient To Use: With 4 brilliant claws on the right hand. You can simply use these without any other digging tools if the soil isn't too hard.

Easy To Clean: It's easy to clean up after using. Just wash it with water but not recommend to wash in the washing machine.

Practical garden gloves allow you to dig or plant without hand tools
With claw design on one of the gloves, making gardening more fun and freely
The "claw" part is made of tough plastic, durable enough for digging, raking, planting
Premium material, waterproof and puncture-resistant to protect your hands
Great accessories for an easy and convenient gardening

Outer Material: Rubber
Thickness: Medium
Usage: Gardening

— 1 X Pair Of GardenClaw™