Garden Weed Brush

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“Got this to clean up the concrete curb around my house. It had a lot of weeds and dirt built up and this thing's just chewed right through it.”
~ Ronan R., Nueby customer

Want to make life easier by getting rid of those unwanted weeds?

You'll need the Amazing Weed Eater!

A weed cutter for wild weeds! Made with brush braided wire from high-quality steel for cleaning edges and surfaces.

Suitable for derusting, deburring and removing oxide layer on the bench grinder steel plate, and the outer wall and inner wall of steel pipe.

"Attached it to my new Stihl gas trimmer. My brick roundabout and driveway were overgrown. This trimmer trimmed my cement driveway and cleaned the brick roundabout. It works!!!”
~ Jill S., Nueby customer

Highly Efficient: Made of high-quality steel which enables it to perform sharply and high efficiently, at the same time having stable performance. The heavy-duty brushes are designed to withstand contact with hard surfaces like pavements and concretes.
Multi-functional Uses: Can be used in both lawn mowing and grass trimming on pavements without Changing the cutter. Mainly designed for deburring, dust removal, cleaning, and polishing accessories. Removes grass in corner or brick gap, It also can be used to remove rust.
Money & Energy Saver: Proven to last longer than any lawn mower's blade & cutter, high durability will cut down the cost of buying a new one. Save more than 50% of the time in trimming grasses on the pavement with high efficient heavy-duty Stainless Steel trimmer.
Safety: Prevent getting injured due to shattering of the mower's blade or even fatal death. It consists of an internal fixed plate structure to ensure consistency and safety.

✓ Material: Steel brush
✓ Type: Swing Metal Blade
✓ Style: Weed Brush
✓ Color: Silver

— 1 X Garden Weed Brush