Full Body Resistance Trainer

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“This product is great at providing a cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory workout and has increased my striking force in a moderate manner. This is a great conditioning tool for any martial artist.”
~ Shields A., Nueby customer

Watch your muscles explode!

The Full-Body Resistance Trainer is perfect for giving you the kind of gains that you thought you could only achieve at the gym!

The Full-Body Resistance Trainer is made with durable elastic material that is perfect for resistance training.

Strength training equipment to strengthen muscle strength.

"This will definitely add to your workout! Prepare yourself because these bands are strong. When I first used it, I was not expecting the resistance to be as strong (I'm glad that it is)! I definitely notice a difference when I use them. I feel it in my muscles the next day! Definitely purchase if you are looking to enhance your workouts.”
~ Max M., Nueby customer

Protects Your Joints: The Power Punch Pro puts less pressure on your joints and engages your muscles more, leading to stronger stabilizer/support muscles that help to protect you against future injuries.

Adjustable Resistance & Belt : Buckles can be adjusted to add more elastic rope to increase resistance . The Belt is also easily adjustable and can be changed from 26 inches to 41 inches, both wrist and ankle straps can also be adjusted to fit so that you can get the perfect workout.

Helps Maintain Your Guard: Adds a downward force to your arms that will strengthen your guard.

Durable and High Quality: The Power Punch Pro features soft high-quality latex, strong rubber, and custom-engineered nylon built to last and safe to use!

✓ Color: Red
✓ Material: Latex
✓ Size: 270*220*110mm/10.6*8.7*4.3in
✓ Weight: 695g

— 1 X Full-Body Resistance Trainer