Portable Baby Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

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“I have been loving this product! I just got this fetal doppler as a gift from my sister on my first baby shower and it was perfect. I tried it out as soon as I got it. The sound quality is excellent!”
~ Patty N., Nueby customer

Hear your baby's heartbeat from the comforts of your own home

The Portable Baby Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which is applicable to hospital, clinic, and home for daily self-check by pregnant women.

It has a large LCD screen and turns off automatically after 60 seconds when not in use.

It produces no radiation and is safe and easy to use.


"I gave my sister the fetal doppler as a baby shower gift and she just loved it. She says she can use it even when she is on the go because it is discreet. She’s also mentioned that it has amazing sound quality.”
~ Tammy L., Nueby customer

A perfect gift for any expectant mother

3Mhz Waterproof Probe: High sensitivity of the probe,12-16weeks can hear the fetal heartbeat.

LCD Digital Screen: Light screen, the digital display is clearer.

No Radiation: Safe and easy to use.

Turn Off Automatically: No operation automatically turns off after 60 seconds

3.0 Mhz Waterproof probe
LCD digital screen
Light screen, the digital display is clearer
Two model shows
No radiation
Turns off automatically

How To Use:
1. Lie flat with a cushion pillow and keep your legs straight and relaxed.
2. Rub gel or water to the lower area of the stomach.
3. Turn the doppler on and slowly — really slowly — move it around until you can hear the heartbeat.
4. The earlier it is in your pregnancy, the lower you'll likely have to go. Try below your belly button.
5. Be aware that you'll also hear your own heartbeat and the pulse of an artery.

Probe Frequency: 2.5 MHz +/-10%
Error Range: +/-2 beats per minute
Rate Display Range: 30-240 beats per minute
Size: 130mm (L) x 100mm(W) x 36mm(H)
Weight: 250g
Battery, 2*AA Alkaline Battery (not included)

— 1 X Portable Baby Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor