Fart Prank Toy

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“You deserve a pooter. You deserve a laugh today. And laughs you're going to get. It takes a little practice, but you'll get it. Fake fart, no stink. Winning!”
~ Lilly R., Nueby customer

Do you enjoy producing phony fart noises to embarrass others? Then you must have this unique item!

Simply squeeze it, and the air within will rush out, producing a realistic fart sound!

The humorous farts are right at your fingertips right now.

Simply place it in your hand and squeeze it to generate a sound, then look at someone else and imagine he is farting. You can even squeeze it a couple times while riding in an elevator to see how others react.

“I bought it for my father, and he absolutely loved it. He had a great time with it. It takes days to perfect, but once you do, you'll have the most hilarious two weeks of your life.”
~ Frederic W., Nueby customer

Just Need a Squeeze : Hold it in the palm of your hand so that the free side faces your palm. The hole should be about 2-3cm behind the end of your thumb. Squeeze hard. The fart sounds will change if you modify the position and pace of your squeeze.
Funny Prank Toy: To annoy someone who gets on your nerves, use this loud fart machine that will undoubtedly aggravate him. You should get this fantastic toy — it's one of a kind, with something you've long desired.
Better Pranks : Learning how to do fart pranking requires discipline and hard work. It's difficult to master this toy; it's something you need to be patient with to improve. Even better than any fake fart toy you may find somewhere else, this is the most realistic and the most fun! This fart prank toy uses reliable high-quality rubber as material, which has good abrasion resistance and elasticity.
Premium Material: This fart toy is made of dependable high-quality rubber, which has good abrasion resistance and flexibility, is not easily broken, and can be used with confidence.

✓ Material: Rubber
✓ Type: Toy
✓ Size: about 4*4.4cm/1.57*1.73 inch
✓ Weight: 1.41 ounces

— 1 X Fart Prank Toy