Face Massager

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"Perfect for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and the Face Massager doesn't bother it at all. In fact, it makes it better!"
~ Lynda S., Nueby customer

The Face Massager is a revolutionary product!

Take skin care to the next level with this amazing device.

It's easy to operate, safe, and feels incredibly soothing to the skin.

Right now, the Face Massager is on SALE!

"I have severe Rosacea. One of the side effects is the burning sensation when I'm having a flareup. This is a godsend when that happens and I'm mad at myself for not buying it sooner."
~ Zara K., Nueby customer

Micro Current: The Face Massager can stimulate the skin to contract, balance the bioelectric field, refine skin, and enhance skin's self-repairing capability.

42 Celsius Smart Temp Control: The device will shut off itself in 5 minutes without any operations

Thermistor: The thermistor can accurately control the device temp at 42 Celsius.

Bimetallic Strip: When the temp rises to 50 degrees Celsius, the device will shut off.

Ion Lead-in: The positive and negative ion can alternately electrolyze skincare products, making it easier for the skin to absorb.

LED Red Light: The red light has a wavelength of 630mm, which is effective to massage and awaken skin.

Vibration Massage: Gentle massage for facial skin that promotes anti-aging properties

Multiple Functions In One Device: The red light has a wavelength of 630mm, which is effective to massage and awaken skin.

Material: Acrylic, ABS+Stainless Steel
Standard Voltage: 240V
Working Time: 80 Minutes
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Power: 8W

— 1 X Face Massager
— 1 X Device Holder
— 1 X Charging Cable
— 1 X English Manual