Outdoor Electronic Lighter - Never Be Left Without A Light!

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“This lighter is really neat! I use it around the house all the time. It's much safer and more convenient than traditional butane lighters.”
~ Joyce S., Nueby customer

The Outdoor Electric Lighter is perfect for taking on camping trips, outdoor adventures, and more!

This amazing little lighter can be used in ALL weather conditions and never lose its ability to give you a flame.

It's the perfect tool for your emergency kit!

“I love that this lighter can be recharged over and over again. It saves me so much money that it basically pays for itself. I no longer have to purchase disposable lighters.”
~ Clarence D., Nueby customer

Waterproof: Can be immersed in water for more than a minute and still work! Perfect for use in all weather conditions

Durable: Designed with an ABS camouflage protective shell, shock resistance, and crush resistance. can be used at home or outdoors. Designed to quickly ignite dry materials

Safe: Created with over-charge protection so you never have to worry about the lighter exploding. When battery charging is complete, the light will go out. Feel free to charge wherever there is a USB port available. No gas or fuel required! Full charge can last for a week or more. Can literally be charged millions of times!

Stylish: Designed to look attractive and of high-quality

Technics: Mirror
Model Number:12
Material: Resin
Material: ABS + Zinc Alloy
Battery: Built-in 250mAh Lithium Battery
Size: 69mm x 47.5mm x 17.5mm/2.72" x 1.87" x 0.69" (Approx.)

— 1 X Outdoor Electronic Lighter