Electric Food Chopper

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"This Electric Food Chopper has sped up my meal preparation so much! Once done, I just rinsed it off in some hot water and it was ready for more. Easy to clean, small and easy to store and assemble. Perfect for what I needed."
~ Rita M., Nueby customer

Imagine being bale to chop up your favorite fruits and veggies in mere seconds with the Electric Food Chopper!

This incredible little chopping device is a POWERHOUSE! Don't let it's compact size fool you.

It's great for chopping herbs, onions, garlic, seeds, and more!

You'll love the durable design of this tool and it's non-toxic, food-grade material.

"This is so much easier than slicing garlic by hand. If I'm honest, this is way more effective too. There's no chance of cutting my fingers or the garlic wrong, saving me both time and hurt, and because we eat garlic in just about every thing. That's a lot of time saved."
~ Ella M., Nueby customer

Easy To Use: Press the button on top of the chopper and away you go!

Amazing Design: Our electric food chopper comes with three reinforced blades to successfully chop a variety of foods.

Powerful: Powered by a rechargeable USB port that quickly chops a variety of foods like garlic, onions, strawberries, herbs, etc.

Premium Material: The stainless steel blade is durable, strong, and powerful for efficient cutting. The food-grade plastic in the cup is BPA-free and safe.

Portable: 150ml capacity and unique interior wall design makes the item compact and easy to store and transport.

✓ Capacity: 250ML
✓ Power: 22W
✓ Stirring Blade: Three stirring blade
✓ Method Of Use: Fully Automatic
✓ Function: Cutting vegetables, Minced meat, Stirring, Mixing

— 1 X Electric Food Chopper
— 1 X USB Cable