Electric Carving Chisel Tool - Every Woodworkers Dream!

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"This item is very easy to use, tried it out, and as soon as the blade touches the wood it starts cutting, and you have really good control. The blades are sharp and easy to install. I like it a lot.”
—Samuel P., Nueby customer

Wood carving is a craft that takes some time to learn.

Our tool will help you on your journey to becoming master woodworker! This device truly makes carving easy and much more fun.

It honestly doesn't matter what your woodworking skills are, our tool can help you perfect them! From chiseling furniture to whittling sculptures, this handy little electric device makes it all easier.

"I got this to dedicate it to use for a hammered texture on wood. I love it. It's also great with the carving chisels it's intended to be used with.”
—Jake P., Nueby customer

Effortless: Unlike hand carving methods, our tool is easier to use, saves you time, and requires little effort

Efficient: Produces ultra high-speed micro vibration**(25,000 times per minute!)**

Versatile: Accommodates small hanging mill or drills due to the removable flexible shaft

Multi-functional: Each electric chisel comes with with 5 knives and a small wrench. Can carve through wood, ebony, and plastic

Safe: Shell is made from solid material that is heat resistant and safe to handle

Material: ABS
Color: As picture shown
Cable Length: 89cm
Electric Chisel Handle Length: 15cm
Carving Blades Size: 4.5 cm

1 X Chisel
1 X Cord
5 X Knives
1 X Wrench