Easy Needle Threader

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“These are small but mighty! No worries about shaking hands or bad eyesight, these helpers will have your needle threaded in no time.”
~ Selin B., Nueby customer

These needle threading devices are suitable for threading a needle, especially easy for threading those needles with small needle eye, very suitable to solve the problem of difficult threading.

Very convenient to use and help you make DIY sewing

Used to solve the frustrating needle threading problem for people who have dim eyesight.

A great gift for your mother and elderly people.

“I belong to a group of senior ladies who get together once a week to sew. We all have problems seeing the eyes of the needles to our sewing machines. I bought these needle threaders to help with that problem. It really works well!”
~ Neha C., Nueby customer

Strong practicality: The automatic threading device is used to solve the problem of difficulty in threading for people with poor eyesight. It is also a good gift for mothers and the elderly. Help solve frustrating acupuncture problems.
Suitable for hands and machines: These threading devices are suitable for threading, especially threading devices with small needle holes, which are very suitable for sewing projects and jewelry making.
Needle threader: Made of high-quality plastic, it can help to thread with beaded needles. It is suitable for needles and beads of various sizes and helps improve needlework efficiency. The colors are shipped randomly.
Easy to store: Light, small, and flat sewing tools are not only easy to use but also can be easily stored in a box when not in use, thus saving space.

✓ Dimensions: 4 x 2 cm
✓ Weight: 10g
✓ Material: High Quality ABS
✓ Type: Thread Needle Easy Device

— 10 X Easy Needle Threader