Ear Candle Kit

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Candling comes with many health benefits for the head and ears.

Ear Candles are known to relieve a host of ear, nose, and throat ailments.

Ear candling is safe and effective. The rising air in the column of the candle coupled with the gentle movement of the flame softly massages the ear drum. This creates a low-level suction that literally pulls the wax from the ear!

Safely removes ear wax and debris
Relieves stress and headache pain
Improves sense of hearing and smell
Decreases tension
Improves circulation to the head and neck
Helps diminish snoring and sinus congestion
Alleviates ear pain
Reduces annoying ringing in the ears

How To Use:
1. Wash hands.
2. With a paper plate and scissors, cut a small hole through the middle. Make sure it is large enough for the candle to fit through.
3. Make sure the small end of the candle will securely fit into the ear. If it doesn't, cut it to size.
4. Once the candle is properly sized, place the small end through the opening in the plate.
5. Light the large end of the candle and make sure the smoke is effectively going through the tube (smoke will be coming out the other end).
6. Lie down sideways, and have a friend place the candle in the ear.
7. Once the candle is securely placed, make sure it’s pointing directly at the ceiling so the smoke evenly flows through.
8. As the candle begins to burn, it will produce ash, which should be cut off with a scissors and discarded immediately.
9. After the candle has burned for up to 15 minutes, have the other person gently remove it from the ear (blow out the flame once it’s completely removed from the ear or place in water).
10. To view the remains, cut the candle down the middle.

Important Reminders:
1. Use this product with caution.
2. Don't use ear candles if the ear is infected or any other irritations are present.
3. Always perform ear candling with a partner to avoid injury.

Material: Cotton Blend
Size: Length 24cm/9.45''(Approx)
Item Type: Ear Care

— 10 X Ear Candle (Without Retail Package)