Magic Dog Gate - Conveniently Keeps Your Dog Safe & Sound

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"This works great at deterring my pups from the kitchen. They can enjoy the family from the other room without being in the way. My family greatly enjoys this peace."
~ Jordana S., Nueby customer

We all love our furry family members. Dogs bring us humans a lot of joy!

However, sometimes or little buddies can get into trouble, especially when we aren't home.

That's why we created the Magic Dog Gate! It helps deter bad behavior and it keeps your dog in line when you don;t have your eyes on them.

Our gate is perfect for when you have guests over, when leaving the door open, and for keeping your dog from entering certain rooms.

"HIGHLY encourage those who have small kids or dogs. In my case, I have a puppy problem. So, this was a perfect solution for me. I got so glad to see that it was easy to set up."
~ Holli O., Nueby customer

The Perfect Size:

This gate is 28.3 inches/ 72 cm tall and expands to 43.3 inches/ 110cm wide. Our gate is suitable for just about any room, staircase, or nook and cranny in your home or office.

Easy To Install:

Simply apply the hooks on either side of the area you wish to block off. Our hooks are easy to install and can be removed easily by sliding dental floss between the hook and wall. No drilling, no nails, and no tools necessary!

Easy To Remove:

The Magic Dog Gate can easily be removed and folded up so that it is compact for storing.

Materials: Mesh Fabric
Holds up to 100 lbs
Fits spaces up to 6 feet
Easy to use! Unhook the corner when you need pass by
Transparent mesh gate
Great for a variety of pets that don't exceed 100 pounds
No nails or screws
Never damages the wall

— 1 X Magic Dog Gate