Dodecahedron Color Art Light

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“Its beauty in the room helps me fall asleep early. Its reflection on the walls even and the lights did not cause discomfort. Great vibe giving!”
~ Darin G., Nueby customer

Bring the beauty of color to your home with this mesmerizing lamp.

Looking for a creative and unique way to add some light and life to your home? Look no further than the Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light!

Whether you use it as a night light or as a decoration for your home, this lamp is sure to add some personality and style.

The Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light is perfect for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in any room. The lights are colorful and bright, and they will make any room feel more welcoming and calming.

If you want to make your yoga session more calming or set the mood for a romantic evening, this light will help!

The Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light is a great way to add some fun and flair to your game room. So why not add some personality and light to your home with this product?

“What a cool night light added to our home. It looks great, we have had it on non-stop since we received it. It is nice to watch. For the price, it is well worth it.”
~ Liyana P., Nueby customer

A unique and beautiful light that will change the way you see art

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere: The Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light is perfect for making a room more relaxing and inviting. With its colorful lights, this lamp is sure to set the mood for any occasion.

Perfect For Gifting For Any Occasion: The Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light makes a great present for anyone who loves art and design. The light's dodecahedron shape and different colors will add personality and style to any room.

Add Some Fun And Flair To Your Home: This light is perfect if you want to add some ambiance to your yoga session or create a romantic mood for an evening at home.

High-quality Acrylic Material: This lamp is made of high-quality acrylic material. It is very strong and will not break easily. The color is also very bright. It will last for a long time.

Enjoy the elegance and sophistication of color-filled art with this one-of-a-kind light fixture.

✓ This will add personality and style to any room.
✓ Vibrant and colorful light makes people feel relaxed and happy.
✓ This would make a great nightlight or decoration.
✓ This would be a great addition to your game room to make it more fun!

✓ Material: Acrylic, Metal
✓ Size: 20*20*20cm
✓ Voltage: 5V
✓ Type: Night Light

- 1 X Infinite Dodecahedron Light
- 1 X USB Cable
- 1 X Base Support