DIY Concrete Mold Pathway Maker

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“Great size and easy to use. Making a pathway from our driveway to the house and couldn't be easier. I was able to do the whole job with a baby attached to my back.”
~ Marshall L., Nueby customer

Create your own decorative pathway using our reusable stepping stone molds.

The DIY Concrete Mold Pathway Maker helps you create professional-looking pavers in as little as one afternoon. It's the perfect DIY accessory!

With no installation crews to pay, you will be saving money while creating your very own product. Enjoy!

Save money & do it yourself!

“This is a great product and easy to use. We did a large patio, walkway, small patio, and a walkway around our fire pit this summer.”
~ Travers C., Nueby customer

Practical: Easy to use and saves you money!
Durable: Made from heavy-duty plastic
Beauty: Our mold creates beautiful stepping stones that enhance any garden!
Wide Application: Great for creating sidewalks, sidewalks, trails, terraces, picnic areas, and other outdoor finishes!

How To Use:
1. Mix the cement with water according to the packing instructions. When ready for use, the concrete will be the consistency of the oatmeal and thick enough to hold the edges when cut with a shovel.
2. Fill the paver mold, plow the concrete with a shovel and make sure to fill each area.
3. Use rubber gloves to spread the concrete around the mold and fill any gaps or low points. Tap the mold by hand to remove any air bubbles.
4. Smooth the concrete according to the contour of the mold and wipe off the excess.
5. Allow the concrete to set up to five minutes and carefully remove the mold. For the next stretch, rotate the mold a quarter turn and place it next to the paver you just finished. If you are creating a curved path, tilt it slightly.
6. After allowing the concrete to solidify overnight, fill the crack with dirt and rinse off the excess. Wet the ground around the newly formed paver to help them settle.

✓ Weight: 920g
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Type: Brick mold

— 1 X DIY Concrete Mold Pathway Maker