Professional High Accuracy Diamond Tester

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"Wow! What an amazing device! This diamond tester works exactly as described. Two thumbs up!”
~ Roy O., Nueby customer

If you've ever wondered how you can know if your diamonds are really real but don't trust the jeweler to give you an honest answer...we've got a solution!

The Professional High Accuracy Diamond Tester is PERFECT for testing your jewels in the privacy of your own home.

This magnificent device gives you clear, accurate results that make sense

You'll find the unit very easy and straightforward to use.

Right now, the Professional High Accuracy Diamond Tester is on SALE!

"You can't go wrong with the Professional High Accuracy Diamond Tester. It's affordable, too! I use it in my antique shop when a patron brings in diamonds.”
~ Pauline W., Nueby customer

Authentic diamonds will produce a beeping sound and red light
Synthetic diamonds will produce no beeping sound or light
When metal is detected a continuous buzzing will sound
Very easy to use
Highly accurate

How To Use:
1. Turn the power Switch On
2. Confirm the Battery Lamp lights up
3. Wait for about 30 seconds till the Ready Lamp lights up.

It's Time To Test!
1. Beeping sound (beep-beep-beep)
2. (1)1~4 of the Red Lamp box OF the Level Meter,(2)will light on. (More no. of Red Lamp boxes will light up for bigger sized stones.) DIAMOND SIMULANTS (Except Synthetic )
3. No Beeping sound.
4. No Red Lamp boxes will light on. Green and/or up to Yellow Lamp boxes may light on depending on the type of simulants.) METAL ALERT
5. Continuous buzzing sound. *(The thermal conductivity of the metal is very high and can give the same indication as a Diamond with most Thermal Probes.) *The Diamond Selector II has a Metal Alert buzzer to warn you when the Probe tip touches metal. If you hear the Metal Alert buzzing sound. re-touch the Probe tip so as to touch only the tested stone.

Size: 160 x 40 x 22mm
Weight: 103g
Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 (not included)

— 1 X Professional High Accuracy Diamond Tester
— 1 X Protected Leather Bag
— 1 X Texting Platform
— 1 C Handle