Powerful 10 Pcs Diamond Rotary Saw Blades + 2 Shafts Set

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"These work great, just as good as the ones that originally came with my rotary tool. The cuts are clean and as expected. I am satisfied with these blades and recommend them.”
—Sid D., Nueby customer

Whether you're a professional woodworker or simply a hobbyist, our 10 PCS Diamond Rotary Saw Blade Set is for you!

It's designed with high-materials that are meant to last. You'll achieve perfect cuts in record time! Our set is VERY easy to use and will give your projects a professional appeal.

"These babies do the job. I had to cut some glazed ceramic, and it cut through like butter. I did use a little water, but these cutters work like a charm. And it barely seemed to wear down! Great purchase!”
—Dewi A., Nueby customer

High-quality Material: Our blade discs are thin, sharp, and dependable. They are coated in diamond powder particles and contain breathable holes that are great for temperature control and making slots and slits

Multiple Applications: Works well with hand, electric grinding, grinding, polishing grinding, etc. and common tools. Perfect for cutting through stone, ceramic, glass, hard alloy, and jade stone processing, etc. Can be used to grind or cut any surface

Wide Range Of Use: Designed with an HSS Segmented Saw blade for continuous cutting in wood, drywall, ABS, aluminum, and other hard materials

Portable: Blades are compact and can be transported, easily

Caution: For your safety, please wear gloves and goggles and when using blades. They can become very hot when in use.

Disc Diameter: Approx. 0.79 inch/20mm 、0.87inch/22mm、0.98inch/25mm、1.18inch/30mm
Disc Thickness: Approx. 0.02inch/0.60mm
Shaft Length: Approx. 1.42inch/36mm
Shaft Diameter At Top: Approx. 0.18inch/4.5mm
Shaft Diameter At Bottom: Approx. 0.12inch/3mm
Coating: Dual Sided and edge
Extension Rod Diameter: 1/8" Fit all Drill, Driver, Dremel, and other brands

— 10 X Pipe Slice
— 2 X Connecting Rod