Detachable Weed Puller

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“We live on a quite large rural property and have a ton of weeds that love to pop up in our backyard. This tool has been a real game changer in getting rid of weeds. It is so quick to pop this tool under the weed and rip it off our roots and all.”
~ Jenson S., Nueby customer

Say Goodbye to Backache and Bending Over the Easy Way to Manage Your Garden.

Are you tired of spending countless hours every day bending over and pulling out weeds? With the new Detachable Weed Puller, your days of arduous weeds will be over!

This incredible stand-up weeder tool is made with a durable aluminum frame that won't bend with long-term use.

The handle is comfortable enough to hold for extended amounts of time, so you won't get any aches or pains in your back, arms, or shoulders from prolonged pulling.

Make your life easier with this convenient weed puller - all you have to do is step on the pedal gently and firmly until the detachable twister grasps at the roots of the plant and pulls it out effortlessly!

Women everywhere are loving this weed puller for its convenience and ease of use - don't miss out on this must-have gardening tool!

“I needed a new weed puller, so I put it on my existing handle and it did the trick! No more pesky weeds on my lawn! Easy to install and it is made of a durable metal.”
~ Marnie W., Nueby customer

Get Step on the pedal, and twist it off effortless and efficient way of removing weeds

Durable materials:Stand-up weeders are mainly made of quality aluminum, sturdy, and not easy to bend. The four claws can easily penetrate into all kinds of soil, which provides great convenience for you to remove weeds. Under normal use, it can serve you for a long time.

Ingenious design: The root-pulling tool is based on a horizontal bar and integrated with a barb anti-skid design to prevent grass roots from sliding. The pedal on the weeds removal tool adopts the lever principle, which makes your operation simple, labor-saving, and efficient. The four claws are long enough to be easily inserted into the soil and can grasp the roots of plants from four angles to take them out quickly.

Widespread Use:Whether weeding (crabgrass, sesame, Zoysia, flowers) or picking the fruit of dandelion, our feet weeding tool is a good choice, which is very practical and scientific. The weeder hand tool is suitable for gardens, vegetable fields, grass, and so on.

Get Rid of Weeds in No Time with the Detachable Weed Puller!

✓ New and improved steel head design for weed control tools.
✓ Your back and knees will feel more comfortable with this brilliant stand-up design, without having to bend over,the weed puller can prevent getting your hand & clothing dirty and saves lots of time.
✓ The weed puller is workable for crabgrass,thistle, tap root, crabgrass, taproot, plantain, clover,burdock,bush, etc, it is a good tool for your garden, backyard,patio, lawn, etc.
✓ The weed claw tool also has a better grip to make sure that even the well-established roots of weeds are removed in one go.

✓ Material: Iron
✓ Size:15*15*5cm
✓ Type: Weed Puller

- 1 X Detachable Weed Puller (without wooden handle)