Cultivation Trays

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“Bought these to start my pepper garden. Used these to germinate my hot peppers indoors. After transferring them to my garden, I reused them for my daisies and then again for fall flowers. Exceeded my expectations!”
~ Ericka A., Nueby customer

Get started with gardening today!

If you want to easily watch the growth of your plants, then use our Cultivation Trays! These trays are made from a transparent material so you can see the plant roots without stopping the growth. Plus, each tray has a label to help you keep track of the progress of your plants.

Our Cultivation Trays have an adjustable humidity design that makes it easy to control the inner humidity and temperature. The ventilation holes help to promote rapid plant growth. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just getting started, our Cultivation Trays are the perfect tool for ensuring success.

The cells on our seed sprouting trays provide enough space for your seedlings to develop a strong root system. The trays also have drainage holes to properly ventilate and drain the soil, making the roots develop better.

Our trays are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly PP material. They are sturdy and durable and will not affect the germination or growth of your seeds. So don't wait any longer, get your hands on our Cultivation Trays and give your plants and seeds the best start possible!

“These are sturdier and have good tall lids at a far more reasonable cost. I'd buy these again.”
~ Maud M., Nueby customer

Easily control the humidity and temperature of your plants.

Clear View Of Plant Roots: The seed starter tray is made of transparent materials that make it easy to see the germination and growth of the seeds during the breeding process. The attached plant label helps you record the growth process.

Adjustable Humidity Design: You can adjust the humidity in your greenhouse from 50% to 100%. This is done by rotating the regulator to fit the different needs of your plants at different stages of growth. The ventilation holes help your plants grow quickly and control the germination process.

Perfect for Plant and Seed: The cells on the seed sprouting tray are large enough for your seedlings to develop a strong root system before you transplant them to your garden. The greenhouse cell tray has a drainage hole in the bottom so that the roots can grow better.

Superb Material: The seedling starter trays are made of high-quality PP material that is environmentally friendly, sturdy, not easily broken, and durable. They will not affect the germination and growth of seeds.

Wide Applications: An indoor greenhouse kit is a great option for growing a variety of plants. This includes flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and other plants. The watertight base tray is also perfect for use in hydroponics. The plant growing kit will help your seedlings grow faster by giving them more access to nutrients and more space.

Watch your plants grow before your eyes!

Watch plant growth without stopping progress
Transparent material for easy viewing
Each tray has a label to track the progress
Adjustable humidity and ventilation holes
Cells on seed sprouting trays provide space for strong roots
Easily see the germination and growth of the seeds.
Feel good about using an environmentally friendly product.

Tray Size:7"x5.5"x2"
Cell Size: 1.9"x2.1"x2"
Base Size: 7.3"x5.6"x2.4"
Dome Size: 7.3"x5.7"x2"
Material: ABS

— 10 X Seeds Grow Box
— 10 X Plant Label
— 2 X Small Garden Tools