Combustible Gas Leakage Detector

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"This product is absolutely GREAT!!!! It detected 4 Small Leaks of natural gas in my Boiler Room that I couldn't even smell. I thought it was inaccurate and so I used Windex to check where it showed the leaks since I couldn't smell any thing. Behold, It Was Accurate! I had 4 leaks! Now they are repaired and it detects nothing and neither does the Windex! If you use it correctly, IT WORKS GREAT!!”
—Michael D., Nueby customer

Locates Combustible & Explosive Gas Leaks

This Combustible Gas Leakage Detector will keep you perfectly safe and sound!

This amazing gas leakage detector is able to detect any gas leak such as carbon monoxide, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, and even butane. Also, it detects natural gas, carbon monoxide, sulfide, etc.

The Combustible Gas Leakage Detector has 6 LEDs with 85dB alarm notify the user of presence and relative concentrations of natural gas & propane leaks.

There is a convenient sensitivity smart sensor that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the gas leak detector.

Also, this detector has a compact and lightweight design which is quite convenient for travel or if you would keep it in a car.

"I had a leak behind my stove. Bubbles did not find it and I couldn’t smell it. But this did. Took apart the fittings taped and doped it tight. And used this again to test. No detection. Really saved the day. Just if I used it the one time.”
—Greg B., Nueby customer

Visual / Audio Gas Indicators With Adjustable Sensitivity

Multiple Detectable Gases: Locates combustible & explosive gas leaks from methane / natural gas, propane, fuel, ethane, butane, alcohol, coal gas, gasoline, toluene, kerosene, sewer gas, and other flammable gases.

Flexible & Portable Gas Leak Detector: Bend 12-inch length sensor neck in any direction along gas pipes & fuel lines or within confined spaces. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, this portable gas detector sniffer can be taken anywhere to find leaks outdoors or indoors.

Visual / Audio Gas Indicators: 6 LEDs with 85dB alarm notify the user of presence and relative concentrations of natural gas & propane leaks.

Adjustable Sensitivity: Increase sensitivity dial to find small gas leaks. Decrease sensitivity to find larger explosive gas leaks while filtering out false alarms from background gas levels.

Can be used to detect hydrocarbons (methane, natural gas, gas, ethane, propane, benzene, Acetylene, propane, N, N, N,n, Pentane, hexane, gas oil, toluene), halogenated hydrocarbons (methyl chloride, methylene chloride, three chloride, vinyl chloride), alcohols(methanol, ethanol), etc
Portable detector for detecting all combustible gas
Long flexible stainless probe reaches all areas
Audible semiconductor probe and auto fast warm-up
Instant response, pinpoint leak position and low battery indication
Audio & visible leakage alarm indication and adjustable sensitivity
Compact size, lightweight, easy to carry and operate

Material: ABS
Size: 157 x 64 x 33mm
Warm-up Time: 20 seconds
Response Time: Instantaneous

— 1 X Combustible Gas Leakage Detector
— 1 X User Manual