Choking Emergency Device

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“The fear of choking is intense for me. I’ve had to Heimlich my husband & our daughter. Having this in the home gives a sense of comfort. I put it on my face a pulled a LITTLE…. Holy moly, I thought my eyes would pop out. The suction is REAL. Stay safe!”
~ Alivia O., Nueby customer

Protect Your Loved Ones with the Choking Emergency Device

The Choking Emergency Device is the perfect device to keep you and your family safe. This comprehensive set includes an adult model and a child model so you can be fully prepared for any choking emergency.

Our effective device offers powerful negative pressure to quickly remove liquids and objects and give you the peace of mind that you are protected.

Its convenient design ensures it is easy to use – no need for assembly, pre-assembled for your ease - so it can be used by anyone in a pinch!

Not to mention its practical and portable size makes it easy to carry around – store it in your backpack, car, or even at work or school so help is always close at hand.

The updated design gives more efficient negative pressure while the simple design ensures the Choking Emergency Device can fit perfectly in any environment giving you one less thing to worry about when running errands or going out.

Don't let preparation stand in your way make sure that both yourself and your family are safe with the Choking Emergency Device.

“I hope I never have to use this, but I'm glad that I have it just in case.”
~ Sabrina C., Nueby customer

Rest easy with the comforting feeling of having this bundle of fluff by your side throughout the night.

Effective Device: Effectively helps to remove liquids and objects through powerful negative pressure.

Comprehensive Set: Includes an adult model and a child model to cope with emergencies.

Convenient Aids: Easy to use, stand-alone handy, and timely aids. You can use it yourself in a pinch!

Practical and Portable: The device is pre-assembled, no need to reassemble it, and it can be used directly! Simple design, small size, and lightweight can be placed in backpacks, cars or restaurants, schools, and offices.

Anywhere you need it: The updated design produces strong negative pressure faster and you should take it with you when you are out and about so you can rest easy.

Feel Confident Knowing You Have a Choking Emergency Device in Your Home

✓ Removes liquids and objects quickly and easily.
✓ Suitable for adults and children.
✓ Portable and easy to use.
✓ Feel prepared for any emergency.
✓ Rest easy knowing you have this device with you wherever you go.

✓ Materials: ABS
✓ Size:2.54cm
✓ Type: First Aid Kit

- 1 X Children's mask
- 1 X Adult mask
- 1 X Practice mask
- 1 X Instructions for use