Cat Drinking Fountain

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“My cats didn’t really love their last fountain but they LOVE playing in the sink faucet so this fountain seemed like a great fit! They love it. They can drink from the faucet part or right from the bowl.”
~ Sianna E., Nueby customer

Give your cat that constant stream of water they always want.

Does your cat hate drinking out of a normal water bowl?

Keeping your kitty happy and hydrated all day long with our swan waterfall cat bowl!

Cats naturally prefer to drink flowing water over a traditional water bowl.

"Cat loves it!! My cat had a bad habit of drinking out of the toilet or sink only, scratching at the floor to get in when the bathroom door was closed. This has been a massive help and definitely worth the money!”
~ Laith P., Nueby customer

No More Sink Sipping: Keep your cat hydrated without the constant meowing for you to turn the sink on.

Veterinarian Recommended: Cats chose not to drink water when they don't have access to flowing water, our Cat Drinking Fountain is recommended by vets to keep cats healthy.

No More Dehydration:Dehydrated cats can get angry and vicious, keep your keep happy and healthy!

Reduce Strain: Effortlessly hold and style your hair into a French low bun, sleek high bun, half updo, or ponytails in seconds!

✓ Color: White
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Type: Cats
✓ Capacity: 2.34L

— 1 X Cat Water Dispenser