90° Square Carpenter's Ruler - A Multi-functional Tool

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"I recently started making my own picture frames out of wood. This tool works out great for measuring and marking my cut lines. Very sturdy and durable. Works great for me. Good buy."
~ Hussain D., Nueby customer

Getting Exact Measurements Can Be A Real Pain When You're Struggling With Flimsy Measuring Tapes And Rules.

However, this 90 Degree Square Carpenter's Ruler makes it easier than ever before!

Our ruler is PERFECT for carpenters, woodworkers, contractors, and DIYers. You're going to LOVE this tool.

"I love creating wood projects from my home workshop. This angle has a ton of functions and allows me to get all the measurements that I need, hassle-free."
~ Jeremiah G., Nueby customer

Easy to Use: Perfect as a marking gauge for parallel lines, drill guiding bit diameter, and for providing more consistent and effective results.

Multiple Applications: This amazing ruler is made with inches and centimeter units of measurement. It can perform as a functional stencil and create layouts for tiling, bricking, paving stones, lumbering, laminating, and so much more. Whatever project you're facing, our ruler can probably make it easier!

Easily use with three-dimensional items, timber, pipes, etc
Expertly stops for 45 degrees and 90-degree angles
 It can easily be used as a marking gauge for parallel lines
Built-in drill guide for determining drill bit diameter
Portable, sturdy, and insanely reliable


Item Size:150 x 275 x 66cm
Brand Name: VKTECH
DIY Supplies: Woodworking

— 1 X 90 Degree Square Carpenter's Ruler