Fast Heating Car Defogging Blower

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Defrosting and demisting purifying Cup Shape Car Warm Air Blower, happiness guard, warm with every day!

Our portable car heater is designed to clear frost, mist, and fog from your car's windshield quickly and effectively.

This heater may also be used to warm up your car in the winter when it's cold outdoors!

Quickly increase the temperature in the car without preheating, saving time and fuel.

Fast Heating : Without waiting for the motor to warm up, the 12V 150W fast heating car heater can immediately heat the air. The front and rear, top, and surroundings are all tilted 360 degrees, with a clear field of vision, making driving warmer and safer.
Multi-Purpose: This car heater is not only suitable for defrosting/defogging, air purification, but also natural wind and warm air functions. You only need to replace the switch, and then, according to your needs, the warm or natural wind will appear immediately.
Safety: This convenient heater uses no gas and only uses the energy of the alternator, which is the most effective way to keep warm. Alloy heating wire, low power consumption, long use time, and safety.
Intelligent Design: Small size and easy to carry. The design of the rotating bracket aims to achieve free and convenient adjustment. It comes with a rotating mount, so you can adjust it to your favorite angle.

✓ Material: High carbon steel
✓ Color: Black
✓ Length: 1.5m
✓ Size: 15 × 7cm

— 1 X Fast Heating Car Defogging Blower