Adjustable Car Armrest Storage Box

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“It's very useful for people with short length arm. My wife used to complain about shoulder pain while driving, but after she started using the arm rest, she is comfortably driving long distances. Good product for cars without arm rest.”
~ Lois H., Nueby customer

This armrest support is ideal for lengthy highway travels since it allows the driver to rest his right arm and wrist while also allowing the passenger to relax his left arm and wrist.

Vehicles with manual transmission, Mini SUVs, and CX 5 are not suitable.

You can twist and adjust it to meet your elbow height perfectly, which makes it easier to put on your seat belt while driving.

Almost all car models are universally compatible.

“Just what I have been looking for and the best part is that it stays in place with no tape or adhesives. Makes driving a relaxing experience. It fits into my BMW and it looks like it would fit into most other cars as well.”
~ Star B., Nueby customer

✓ This armrest support is ideal for those without an armrest
✓ It includes a compartment storage box with enough room to store your phone and other small belongings as well as a drive
✓ The armrest is constructed of a high-quality faux leather material that is both practical and comfortable
✓ It does not obstruct the installation of the seatbelt, and it may be swiveled to facilitate retrieving the items kept in it easier
✓ This armrest extension bridges the gap between the drivers' seats and the console armrest
✓ It's incredibly simple to install, requiring no drills, glue, or tapes; simply place it next to your seat belt to properly fill the gap

✓ Material Type: PU Leather + Stainless steel
✓ Item Size: 23.5 x 8 x 8.5cm
✓ Car Model: Universal For Most Cars
✓ Item Length: 23.5cm
✓ Item Height: 8cm
✓ Item Type: Armrests

Package Includes:
— 1 X Armrest Box
— 1 X Power Cable