Caps-Lock™ - Innovative Motorcycle Safety Lock

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Protect your motorcycle from being stolen!

Enhance the security system for your motorcycle with the Innovative Motorcycle Safety Lock.

Caps-Lock™ is designed as an easy to use theft safety lock for motorcycles, scooters, and ATV’s. It works by locking the brake lever to the handlebar to prevent the vehicle from being pushed.

Simply push the throttle grip and brake lever into the lock and turn the key to secure the Innovative Motorcycle Safety Lock. It comes in highly visible colors to deter thieves from stealing your ride.

* Built-in durable stainless steel wiring makes it difficult to cut with a saw or knife
* Easy-to-use handle lock for both motorcycles and scooters
* Perfect for street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jet skis
* Adjustable design to fit all types of motorcycles and scooters

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