Led Bug Killer Lamp - Tells Bugs To Hit The Highway!

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"I take one of these bug lamps with me whenever I go camping. It works wonders by our picnic table. I even use it in the tent. Love this gadget!”
—Marc D., Nueby customer

Dealing with mosquitoes and other flying pests is never any fun. They bite, sting, and buzz like there's no tomorrow!

It's hard to enjoy your outdoor space when you have to worry about getting itchy bug bites. That's we developed this amazing LED Bug Killer Lamp!

This awesome lamp is engineered with an energy efficient LED violet light that is built right into the lamp. It's purpose is to attract the nasty flying pests to its glorious glow and pull them into the suction vent for instant elimination. This bug lamp is 100% chemical-free!

How It Works:

The LED Bug Killer Lamp uses bionic technology to lure in mosquitoes. The energy efficient Violet LED is highly attractive to flying pests and locks them in a secure anti-escape chamber.

When inside, an Eco-friendly built-in fan effectively dries them out. Our lamp has twice the efficiency as indoor bug zappers and doesn't use any loud noises or chemicals that are harmful to your family and pets.

We recommend placing a bug killer lamp near each main entrance of your home and in outdoor sitting areas.

"Super duper quiet. Worked for other pesky bugs, not just mosquitoes. The violet light looks great, too! May order a couple more to keep off the patio instead of using citronella candles.”
—Adrianna B., Nueby customer

Portable Design - Our bug trapper is sleek, compact, and attractive. It can be used in a variety of environments. Plus, it can conveniently be recharged using a basic USB cord.

Safe - It is perfectly safe for Humans and Animals, it is specifically designed to attract insects through our state of the art LED light. The lamp is super quite and will not disturb your sleep in anyway if placed in a bedroom. This lamp uses NO chemicals! It is safe to be used around your family and pets. It doesn't make any annoying noises, either.

Easy To Clean - After 2 to 4 weeks, simply unlock the storage box and empty out the dead bugs. It's that simple!

Place the device 1.6 to 3.9 feet above the ground
For maximum effect, turn off the other light sources in the room
Turn on the mosquito killer 2-3 hours before going to sleep
Place it in the corner for better results

Material: ABS
Power: Built-in 18650 rechargeable battery
UV Wavelength: 360-400NM

— 1 X Led Bug Killer Lamp