Hysterical Fart Bubble Blower - It's A Real Gas!

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“An amazing machine makes hundreds of bubbles in one. A very useful thing to entertain little ones. Highly recommend it.”
~ Jovan B., Nueby customer

The Bubble Fart Blower adds loads of laughter to your home and office.

You'll love how the arm swings back and forth to create fart bubble right from the butt!

Requires three triple-A batteries and bubble making solution (you can use diluted dish soap if you prefer).

This is the Original Bubble Fart Blower! It makes a great gift for friends and family.

“This is perfect for toddlers. Easy to set up and use. It’s small so the bubbles do not last very long but my toddler is only interested in it for a few minutes anyway so it’s perfect.”
~ Shana M., Nueby customer

This device simply known as a bubble fart blower, is a bubble blowing machine that appears to make bubbles from a guy's farts, and consists of a man with his pants down, dipping a bubble blower into a bucket of bubble juice, and pulling the bubble wand up to his anus to blow bubbles from.
The fart bubble blowing machine is powered by 3 AA batteries that power his arm moving up and down, along with the soft puff of air that comes out of his anus with each movement to create the fart bubbles.
A perfect gift idea for pranksters or people who love weird crap, the bubble fart bubble blowing machine is made from plastic, will make a small farting sounds along with music and laughter.

Can you imagine having this little toy sitting out on your desk? Your co-worker walks into your office and all of sudden this thing starts blowing bubble farts! Talk about a great way to lighten the mood around the office!

Whenever you're bored or need a laugh, just let this little toy blow you a bubble fart. It's hilarious!

Type: Bubble Gun
Material: ABS
Gender: Unisex
Shape: cartoon
Plastic Type: PVC
Warning: none

— 1 X Hysterical Fart Bubble Blower