Spa Therapy Body Electronic Pulse Massager And Muscle Stimulator

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“It worked as well as the one that was used on me when I went for physical therapy. I have back and sciatica problems and it's nice to be able to get some relief without having to go the dr or chiropractor. Very affordable. Would definitely recommend it.”
—Sandra A., Nueby customer

Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and eliminate fatigue

The Spa Therapy Body Electronic Pulse Massager And Muscle Stimulator uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to soothe pains and aches, increase blood circulation, and loosen up stiff muscles.

This simple electric nerve stimulation uses low-voltage pulses to help alleviate the affected areas of the body. Safe, electrical pulses are released via electrodes to contract the affected area to increase body flow. As it contracts, the body relaxes to a state of euphoria all the while recovering the damaged tissues.

It comes with 8 Gel Electrode Pads for a full body massage and 8 modes: Acupuncture, Stroke, Massage, Cupping, Manipulation, Scrapping, Weight Reducing, and Immune Therapy.

You can use it at work and home and it's easy to stow away. Because no medication is utilized in the process, the Spa Therapy Body Electronic Pulse Massager And Muscle Stimulator is one of the best alternatives to those seeking for muscle recovery.

"I’m in love with this product! i grew up playing sports, i was always in and out of physical therapy, and the tens machine at my physical therapy always helped so much. the fact that i can now get something that is inexpensive & holds the same purpose, is awesome. it’s very easy to set up, it comes with instructions also. the quality of this product is great, especially for how inexpensive it is. i can definitely feel my muscles loosen up after using this, noticing results in minutes! ”
—Chasity D., Nueby customer

Ideal for numerous acute and chronic pain conditions

What is TENS? Stands for "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation"- a safe, non-invasive, drug-free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 30 years. The Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System produces low-voltage pulses that when electrode pads are applied to your skin stimulates nerve fibers to help block the pain signal to your brain. Also may increase natural endorphins, “the bodies feel-good chemical”-a natural pain reliever.

Feature & Program Modes: Dual channel functionality, which means you can use with 2 electrode pads per channel for Smaller Body Parts or 4 For Large Body Parts or Multiple Body Parts. Features 8 Pre-Programmed Therapy Modes for both acute and chronic pain symptoms.Unmatched for a device this compact and portable.

Portable, Affordable & Effective: With 8 pre-set modes, it's easy to navigate to the feature you want.

Traditional Chinese Medicine applied with digital technology with 8 modes:
1. Acupuncture
2. Stroke
3. Massage
4. Cupping
5. Manipulation
6. Scrapping
7. Weight Reducing
8. Immune Therapy

Adapting acupuncture technology, easy operation
Alleviates back pains, shoulder pains, muscle pains, etc
Electronic pulses stimulate pressure points and improves blood flow
Different pulse signals simulate acupuncture, stroking, manipulation, cupping, massage and scrapping
It helps to relax you from stress, remove your muscle tension and tiredness
Very lightweight, suitable for home, travel and office use
Adopts Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture Technology

Material: ABS
Voltage: 4.5V
Frequency: 1-330hz
Mode: 8 modes
Digital Therapy Machine Size: 153mm x 70mm x 18mm
Power By: USB power cable or 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

— 1 X Digital Therapy Machine (Batteries Not Included)
— 8 X Electrode Pads
— 2 X Electrode Pad Connectors
— 1 X Sticky Board
— 1 X USB Power Cable
— 1 X User Manual