Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector - Ride Safely In The Dark

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“I put the tights on my motorcycle helmet and it's super reflective at night. Besides, I was able to make patterns with the tights.”
~ Toyah P., Nueby customer

Riding your bike is a fun and carefree activity, especially at dusk and during the night. How freeing!

However, when daylight is gone so is bike visibility. it's very important that you and your bike stay visible to cars. That's why we created the Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector!

Our reflectors increase your side and front visibility by 360-degrees!

We combine top-notch aerodynamics with innovative reflection technology. Our spoke reflectors are lightweight and strong. They are made to fit every spoke like a glove!

“I like how it’s color black and doesn’t look conspicuous on my scooter and helmet. I feel safe with these super bright reflectors. Makes you more visible at night.”
~ Daryl P., Nueby customer

360 Degree Visibility - Multi-direction reflection that increases your safety

Micro-Prismatic Technology - Outstanding reflection from thousands of metallic cube-corner prisms

Non-Static Light Patterns - Rotating, pulsing, and moving light alerts drivers that you're there

No Air Drag & No Dynamic Imbalance - Does not affect the performance of your wheels

Custom Reflective Film Technology - Innovative bond and dirt-repellent surface

Very Easy To Install - Simply push the reflector onto the bicycle's spokes. Pull out to release the reflector if it is no longer required.

Better Than Electric Bike Lighting - Our reflectors do not require maintenance of any kind

Did You Know:

It takes drivers 1.25 to 2 seconds to react to an object: A car going 30mph (48 kph) will travel at least 55 feet ****(16 m) in those two seconds. Car headlights aim down so your bike wheels instantly catch the driver's attention when using the reflectors. Our reflectors are visible from up to 0.248 miles (400m)away!

Material: Carbon Steel
Length (mm): 60 - 150mm

— 12 X Bicycle Cycling Spoke Wheel Reflector Reflective Safety Stocking Filler