Ultimate Bicycle Shock Absorber - Makes For A Smooth Ride

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When you're riding your bike it is always nice to have a smooth adventure!

Our shock absorber is supported by more than 5000 professional cyclists!

Comfortable Ride: The Ulitmate Shock Absorber does just that: absorbs shocks. Whether you're riding down a paved highway or a bumpy country road, you'll feel nothing but a sooth experience.

Health & Safety: When your bike ride tends to be overly bumpy or full of vibration, your pelvis and other bones and joints can be negatively impacted. The spring in our product sticks to the seat and never shifts. This prevents injuries from happening while you ride.

3-Dimensional Shock Absorption: The innovative design of the shock absorber works in a 3-dimensional way. As it sits under the seat of your bike, it quietly absorbs shocks coming from all directions.

Made For Any Road: It really doesn't matter what type of ground you are pedaling on, the shock absorber is going to work. Ride down a country lane or in the woods on a hiking trail. The device will still provide a smooth ride. The Shock Absorber supports up to 485 pounds,

Easy To Install & Adjust: The device can be installed and adjusted in about 1-minute. No tools necessary!

Easily Switch Positions: Conveniently switch between sport and city positions in just 60 seconds to customize your riding experience. Seat bags easily attach to the device.


Size: 16 x 8.5 x 5cm / 6.30" x 3.35" x 1.97"
Color: Black.
Weight: 337 grams/0.74 lb
Material: Special Spring Steel (Main Body) + 6061 Aviation Aluminum (Clamp) + Silicone (Protection Pad)
Protective Cover Material: Silicone
Load-bearing: About 55-485 lbs

— 1 X Clamp
— 1 X Suspension Device
— 1 X Silicone Protective Pad