Bicycle Seatpost Bag

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“What a fantastic bag. Super easy to fit / take off. Lightweight and totally unobtrusive. Enough space for couple of days cycling tour. Very impressed - as were my cycling 'buddies' who all came with heavy panier bags and swore to get what I have for next time...”
—Aaron B., Nueby customer

No Tools Needed With Big Capacity 10l!

You need an accessory that holds our belongings while you are on the bike. The Bicycle Seat Post Bag is a great accessory to have during your adventure.

You can store all your gear while having leisure time. This is great for professional and amateur cyclists.

This is a design for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is made with high-quality material that is strong, durable, and perfect for long-distance adventures. It has a roll-up closure design that makes the size of the bag adjustable.

The Bicycle Seatpost Bag has a great reflective logo and marks that help you to be seen in the dark for safer cycling. It can easily be mounted by a hook strap. No tools needed!

"I think this looks awesome, the roll top is brilliant. I used for a 400km tour and fits well on the bike and is roomy. Great product!”
—John L., Nueby customer

Perfect For Both Professional And Leisure Cyclists!

Water-Resistant And Easy To Clean: This bag is water-resistant. Don't worry about your belongings getting wet during your cycling adventure. It is also easy to clean. The large reflective logo is visible under the dark for safe cycling.

Made with high-quality durable polyester fabrics: The Bicycle Seatpost Bag is made of tear-resistant polyester fiber, lined with PE board and reinforced bottom that makes it sturdy and durable.

Large Carrying Capacity: You can store your belongings up to 10L. This is ideal for placing causal needs, cycling accessories, and even your valuable things. This is securely fixed with straps that make it sturdy. With no more load on your back, you can reach your best performance and enjoy your cycling.

Roll-Up Closure Design: Makes the size of the bag adjustable.

Light Reflective Logo: Helps you be seen in the dark for safer cycling.

Constructed with durable polyester fabric
Tear-resistant and water-resistant
Roll-up closure design makes the size of the bag adjustable
 The light reflective logo helps you be seen in the dark for safer cycling
Easily mount by hook strap. No tools needed!
Has a huge Capacity 10L

Fabric: 100% Polyester
Lining: 100% Polyester
Mount On Bike: Seat and post
Mount By: Buckled belts and Hook & Loop strap
Capacity: 10L
Weight: 370g / 0.81lb

— 1 X Bicycle Seat Post Bag